Blackberry Honey Walnut Salad

Hello! So this week i made something really simple and that is a little unlike me. Yes, i made a salad. I know i may seem like i am anti-salad based on my previous posts, but i actually do think salads are good i just don’t like being confined to them when on a health kick! Salads like these aren’t just boring old lettuce, this salad is fun and light yet still filling! You can eat this for lunch, snack and dinner. There are so many different flavors and textures that just explode in your mouth in every bite. This salad is sweet, tangy, crunchy, and smooth all at the same time. There is so much more than just lettuce to this salad. There are apples, blackberries, mangoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and feta cheese. I added avocado because you can never go wrong with avocado. My food judges (my family) all approved! They aren’t usually salad fans but they all went back for seconds so that tells you something. Making this dish was super duper easy. It only took about 20 minutes. To cut back on time you can buy already honey roasted almonds, but in my opinion they taste 20 times better when you make them on your own. The dressing that goes perfectly with it is included with the recipe and you can make it depending on if you like it more tangy, or more sweet. I would definitely recommend this food for anyone looking for a quick easy and delectable meal. My one recommendation is to put te dressing on the salad right before you eat it so tat it doesn’t make the salad soggy if you have any left overs. I have attached the link onto the page so please check it out and make it! I have also posted a picture that will taste through your screen.


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