Chocolate Covered Banana and Greek Yogurt Blueberry Bark

Thats right you guessed it! Heres another pinterest inspired recipe that i have sampled for everyone out there trying to eat conscientiously. I first made bananas covered in chocolate and decided to include another easy snack since it was just too easy. In addition to the bananas i made a greek yogurt blueberry bark. They were both a delicious way to kick out that sweet tooth. With the bananas you can add any extra type of crunch like almonds, nuts or even sprinkles onto the the chocolate before you put it into the freezer. This took me about 10 minutes to make (not including the time in the freezer.) Since that was so easy i thought i could also make a nice little healthy snack bar. These were also a fool proof snack. However i think that next time i made them i would put almonds in with the greek yogurt because to me the blueberries weren’t as good when they were frozen. I would definitely recommend the chocolate covered banana to a friend and try to improve the yogurt bark before i suggested it to others. Below i posted pictures of the foods and their links that contain the ingredients and the directions to each of them. bluberrybanana




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