Baked Buffalo Cauliflower

This week i went with a classic buffalo chicken…. minus the chicken. I decided to make a “baked Buffalo Cauliflower.” Like i always say, diets should never just consist of salads so i wanted to make a healthy dish that tasted super good and was filling without all the breading and frying. I found that the flavor of the sauce was really good and tasted just like actual wing sauce. However the consistency¬†wasn’t as good as i was expecting it to be. When i took my first bite i found the cauliflower to be kind of squishy and my family said the same. I was hoping for a more chicken-like crisp. The upside of it was that it was really easy and was just a matter of creating the mixture, coating the cauliflower bites, and then putting them into the oven, (keep in mind i didn’t attempt to make the ranch that goes along with the recipe). Luckily i’m not just looking for foods that are going to taste “amazing” on the first try. Experimenting and trying new things is good for the overall improvement of healthy cooking and for future food experiments. I also find it to be super fun and exciting to try new things. We all know that pinterest DIY’s don’t always turn out like we expect them to. I think that if i were to make this recipe again i would probably put the cauliflower bites into the oven on broil for as long as it takes for them to become as crispy as possible. Overall i don’t think i would recommend this creation to someone to try until i found out a way to improve it. I’ve attached the link of the recipe and directions below just incase you think you could find a way to improve it.


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