Here I go

After pondering many different options from fashion to beauty tips, i have finally decided what i want to write my blog about. Since i am a huge lover of food but not so much for the calories, i am going to be making and trying out foods that are healthy yet delicious. Who wants to be confined to salads and bland diet foods? I know that i don’t. So many people think that in order to be healthy that have to torture themselves with gross and non-filling foods. I am going to prove those people wring with various pinterest recipes. So this way i will be able to try out new yummy and healthy food options that will be sweet and savory, while at the same time letting you know if they are worth the hassle or not. The foods i will be trying will all be pinterest based foods. In my posts i will include a picture of the food, the instructions and ingredients, and what i think of the turnout and any tips i have to make it better. I am going to be sure to include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack recipes so that you can know what to eat throughout your entire day. On this journey i hope to find easy everyday meals and turn them into a lifestyle that will leave me feeling refreshed and satisfied. I have read that healthy eating can change a person’s outlook on life and on themselves. A fresh start since it is still only the second month of 2016 will be good for the mind and the body. My main goal is to encourage myself and others to try new things and to treat their bodies how they deserve to be treated. Lets all eat to live instead of live to eat!


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